Physical Therapy: What is it for?

  Improve Function: (young and old) stronger, faster, improve balance, flexibility, independence, correct altered/ inefficient/ dysfunctional movement patterns

  Control Pain: chronic and acute

  Promote Healing: recover from chronic or acute injury, post-surgical rehabilitation

Our Experience:

  20 years experience in multiple settings and disciplines (ortho, neuro, rehab, sports injuries, geriatric)

  Physical Therapist with a specialty certification: OCS (orthopaedic certified specialist) by the APTA/ ABPTS (American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties)

Common Indications for PT:

1.       Pain with movement/ activities.

2.       Weakness.

3.       Difficulty or pain with activities of daily living: walking, stair-climbing, reaching, lifting, work tasks, mobility, etc.

4.       Injury or condition that is worsening/not improving over time.

5.       Decreased balance.

6.       Fatigue.

Common conditions we treat:

         Back pain.

         Neck pain.

         Radiculopathies (numbness, tingling, or pain in an arm or leg).

         Shoulder pain.

         Rotator cuff.

         Elbow pain.

         Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

         Hip pain.

         Plantar fasciitis.

         Strains and sprains.

         Decreased balance/ gait abnormalities.

         General weakness.

Treatments offered:

v  Therapeutic exercise

v  Manual Therapy (mobilization/ manipulation)

v  Electrical stimulation

v  Cervical traction

v  Ultrasound

v  Gait training

v  Iontophoresis

v  Neuromuscular re-education

v  Ergonomic training